The Biggest Mistakes Players Make at Online Poker

poker-mistakesIf you want to be able to increase your winnings at the online poker tables, then you have to learn to avoid making the same mistakes over and over. The big problem for many players is that they do not even realize they are making mistakes, so they continue doing the same things again and again, and that includes reloading their bankroll when they hit zero each week.

Avoid these simple mistakes and you can turn around your fortunes at the online poker tables.

Stop showing your hole cards after that bluff or when you think you folded the nuts to a bluff.

If your poker room has a chat feature, never make comments. It is mine to read what others are writing, but don’t give away your play by posting comments that can come back to hurt you.

Stop playing at the no limit tables. You are just one bad beat away from losing your entire chip stack. Move down to a lower table that has a limit so you don’t risk everything on one hand.

Never think that because you are playing online that you can get too comfortable. If you start making the same bets over and over again, the other players will spot those tells and they will make you pay in the end.

Learn to play more seriously, this means eliminating all those distractions in your game. Turn off the TV, log off your Facebook profile, and tell your friends you will call them later. You have to use laser focus to be able to play this quick moving game.

Don’t wait around for premium hands to find you. There comes a time that you have to start bluffing for the pots or you are going to slowly get chipped away until you have nothing but your credit card in hand left. Read  more techniques on how to play poker better come check us out at เกมไพ่ poker.